If you are planning your wedding the chances are you are already overwhelmed with the number of options available to you, not to mention the cost.  The minute someone says “Wedding” it seems that everyone has their hand out asking for your entire life savings.  Once you have chosen your commercial wedding venue, apart from choosing a standard centrepiece for each table, the only option you get for décor is to choose which colour sash you want on the back of your plastic chair.

If this stereotypical cookie cutter wedding has you and your credit card running for the door, then a vintage wedding could be the perfect choice for you!

A vintage wedding is not only budget friendly, it’s environmentally friendly too.  You can beg, borrow or hire the items you need which are already pre-loved and unique at the fraction of the cost.  Nothing has to match, although it is best to stick with a particular theme, and the eclectic look lets you put your own individual stamp on your big day.

The best thing is you have complete control over everything from the types of chairs you use, to the cutlery on the table.   A vintage wedding can be informal or as elegant as you want it to be.