A Great Gatsby Inspired Vintage Event

The roaring 20’s was a wonderful era of glamour and indulgence.  People enjoyed living a fast paced life that involved opulence and wealth whilst dancing the night away to the Charleston and sexy tones of jazz.  Wealthy philanderers, fancy nobles, flappers and gangsters mixed together in this social whirlwind, making it a decade to remember.

With Baz Luhrmann’s remake of Scott Fitzgerald’s Great Gatsby out now, why not consider a vintage Hollywood glamour theme for your wedding or event to reflect on this wonderful era!

Vintage glamour can fit with any type of event such as a Great Gatsby themed kitchen tea or baby shower for the girls, a summer soirée engagement or birthday party, a special dinner party or a fabulous vintage glamour wedding.
Here are some of my hints and tips to help you get started.

1. What to wear – For the ladies you can try feather head bands and an elegant dress with lace or beading. For the men, a suit with a fedora hat, a handkerchief in lapel, brogues or braces – all current fashion items!

2.  What to serve – Elegant canapés served on vintage silver trays and vintage china cake stands.  Accompany with champagne and martinis served in vintage coupes.

3.  Set up a vintage lounge area– Set up vintage velvet and button tufted floral sofa’s indoors or outdoors depending on the weather.  Team them with an old steamer trunk or vintage side table with an ornate table lamp or floor lamp.

4.  Entertainment – A live jazz band would be the icing on the cake however playing jazz music on a CD or IPod (preferably on a record player for the authentic crackle!) would certainly set the mood. Visit if you want to transform a reception into an unforgettable event.

5.  Games and activities – Charades, lawn boles and croquet are perfect for this type of theme.  For some added fun why not hire our vintage dressing up props which include a variety of hats, furs, beads and feather boa’s.  Set them up with our DIY vintage photo booth in the lounge area to take some memorable photos on the day.

6.  Activities for the girls – For a kitchen tea or baby shower you can set up and arts and crafts table where each guest can make their very own vintage inspired headband.  Supplies such as beads, feathers and lace can all be bought at Lincraft.

Have fun planning your Great Gatsby themed events and please talk to us to arrange a consultation to discuss more inspiration and ideas!  All of these accessories and props can be hired from us for your special event.


Sarah x

Vintage Lounge

We are super excited to see our gorgeous 1930’s vintage lounge Matilda go out for hire to her very first wedding this weekend!  She looks stunning set up in a reception area, photo booth area, vintage lounge area or at a garden party.  Team her with our lovely vintage trunk set up as a coffee table with the delicious Rave Coffee,my fav… our free standing wooden fireplace surround and perhaps our velvet armchair Antoinette.


Vintage props style guide – Welcome Table

A welcome table is the first thing the guests will see upon their arrival so whatever you decide on, it will set the scene.  You may want to display ceremony programmes so use the set up for this purpose, or you may just want to prop a welcome sign or blackboard next to the table to introduce your wedding or birthday event.  I also love a dresser set up with old black and white family photographs of the bride and groom.  I think this is a great welcome display for a wedding.  Another option is to have a drinks stand to welcome guests.  A fabulous vintage dresser set with coupes or crystal wine glasses and drinks served in dispensers or vintage jugs looks gorgeous and is a very warm welcome for your guests.

Whatever option you go with, here are just a couple ideas below.  There are countlesss possibilities…take a look at our lovely vintage furniture pieces under “dressers and tables”and also our “Welcome/entrance table” ideas on Pinterest!


LOVE blackboards

I just adore blackboards.  They take me back to my childhood days when they were used in school.  I always remember feeling like a real grown up if the teacher allowed me to write something on it.

In recent years white boards took over but they just don’t have the same charm as a blackboard.  Thank goodness blackboards have made a comeback and are now used in cafes, shops, florists and even at the dentist!  They look cute and quirky and almost anything can be made into a blackboard using a bit of blackboard paint…picture frames can be converted, old cupboard doors, window frames…the list goes on!  Here are just a select few of ours for hire.

Belinda and Yogesh’s Vintage Wedding

We were delighted to do the set up and styling for the table settings for the gorgeous Belinda and Yogesh’s wedding at Lion Gate Lodge in the Royal Botanic Gardens before Christmas. This included the teacups, faux pearls and vintage book centre pieces, the candelabra’s, crystal vases, fine china dinner plates and silver cutlery. The stunning flowers were by Belinda’s talented sister Tracey Sankari and the photography by Nattnee Photography. Thank you for letting us share in your special day Belinda and Yogesh x


Summer Themed High Tea – Garden Party Style

Happy New Year and welcome to 2013!  With our Sydney summer in full swing, we are having some glorious weather.  Seeing how we all adore High Tea, I thought I would make some suggestions on hosting a garden party style high tea which is just perfect for this fabulous summer weather.

A garden style party is a great way to hold an event without formality.  It is fun, relaxing and perfect for a summer’s day, so we’re preparing everything for the celebration, from the decorations to the food, and even getting a Free vending machine hire melbourne to be able to provide snacks.  See my hints and tips below to help you on your way.

  1. Scatter cushions over throws for a casual garden party feel with a few bistro style tables and chairs set out next to them.
  1. Set up a favourite old dresser outside (borrow or hire one if necessary!)  This makes a perfect backdrop for your high tea stands, refreshments or ice cream bar.
  1. Hang pretty bunting or handmade pom poms from trees and the garden fence. These look lovely fluttering in the summer breeze.
  1. Think about your lighting carefully as this can really set the atmosphere.  This is essential if you plan on your event continuing on into the evening.    Fairy lights look gorgeous set up outside as well as jam jars tea lights hanging from trees.  If you have no trees in your garden, you could line your garden path with tea light candles in brown paper bags instead.  These look fabulous at night time when lit up.
  1. A garden party wouldn’t be complete without entertainment for guests.  By this I don’t mean karaoke!  Traditional games such as lawn boles or croquet are perfect for a summer’s day. If you want your guests be amazed with your grass order it from Crown Artificial Grass.
  1. Serve refreshing tea in gorgeous glass dispensers and provide pretty vintage china teacups to drink it from.  There is nothing more refreshing than iced tea and with so many variations to choose from such as lime, lemon & mint and strawberry iced tea; you can have some fun making your own!
  1. For an alcoholic option, serve cocktails such as Bellini’s, Martinis and Piña Coladas in jam jars.  Don’t forget to have a mocktail on hand for the drivers.  Serve with a sprig of berries or edible flowers for a creative summer touch.
  1. For something a little different, use edible flowers in some of your recipes.  These not only look pretty and summery but are something a little bit different.  Check out this article on how to use them
  1. Set up an ice cream bar.  Provide a choice of ice cream or sorbet, cones and a variety of toppings and sauces.  These are delicious and great fun!
  1. Instead of serving a traditional high tea menu, think of light and refreshing options such as tangy tomato bruschetta, pikelets with smoked salmon and crème fraiche, goats cheese and walnut salad, strawberries and cream for those tennis fans, minted fruit salad, summer trifle and mini cheesecakes for those with a sweet tooth.

Click on the following URL and find the best island wedding planners to make your summer wedding even better – Https://

Enjoy planning those gorgeous summer garden parties and check out pictures of these ideas on my Pinterest Page.

Wedding Ceremony Backdrops – Kratom

When planning the decor for your wedding ceremony there are many ideas to choose from and that can be exhausting and that can lead to a decreased appetite, which is why I always carry with me some kratom pills, they won’t only help me by giving more energy but also with my appetite.You can by kratom capsules at Kratom-Masters, and get kratom sent to your house with no problem.  I love a vintage wedding as you can be as imaginative as you want to be!  A wedding has so much more meaning if you can add a few little homemade touches to it that represent you and your partner. 

Today I am focusing on backdrops as many wedding ceremonies are taking place outdoors which leave a bride and groom with a blank canvas when it comes to decorating this area.  This can be a little overwhelming, and maybe it’s a good time to start taking kratom; however there are many ways to create backdrops with a touch of vintage charm.  I have put together some ideas to help you.

  1. Use vintage wooden doors or shutters to create a backdrop.  You can use two or three doors hinged together and have them freestanding behind the celebrant.  Drape flowers over them or hang family pictures off pegs from hessian string.
  2. A vintage dresser looks gorgeous set up with flowers displayed in teapots, vintage bottles or crystal vases.  Another great idea is to display several different picture frames along the shelves with different photographs of the bride and groom.
  3. Something a little different is to use an old wooden freestanding fireplace as a backdrop.  Keep it simple by displaying fresh flowers and gorgeous candle holders. 
  4. If you have a few trees or a gazebo you can use at your ceremony, another option is to hang old window frames.  They look fabulous outdoors!
  5. Make a curtain backdrop out of several strips of ribbon, material and lace.  This creates a very whimsical and romantic look and you can chose fabric to compliment your colour theme.

With a garden ceremony all of these ideas will look fabulous.  These personal touches really are worth all of the effort for your special day as you will have wonderful memories to look back on, not to mention beautiful photographs.I justo hope you don’t forget to carry some Kratom capsules at all times to help you get through the day.

 Happy wedding planning!

Vintage Backyard Wedding, Laggan NSW




















I always knew since my 30’s that my wedding day would be small and intimate with personal and creative touches.  I had fallen in love with anything vintage since my husband Graeme and I bought our old colonial style house in 2010 and a vintage inspired wedding seemed the obvious choice for both of us after Graeme proposed in April 2011.

Graeme and I wanted a relaxed, backyard wedding so it was important for us to find the right venue.  We also wanted to keep the wedding guest list to fewer than 40 people which made it far more intimate for us.  Unfortunately the nearest relative who owns a farm with heaps of backyard we could use was in New Zealandso that option was out of the window!  It was also important that the chosen venue would let us decorate it as we wanted.  Finding a lot of commercial venues around Sydney and NSW were reluctant to let us do this; we had to think outside the box.  Then it dawned on us to speak to a friend of ours who runs Willow Vale Mill in Laggan (about 40km West of Goulbourn).  Willow Vale Mill is a restaurant and B&B set in acres of countryside with a very rustic, backyard feel.  Imagine old world Tuscany meets NSW bush and you are on the right track!  The owner Graham Linney was delighted to host our wedding and we knew he would do a fantastic job with the food as we had sampled his amazing cooking many times before.  The whole process was very relaxed and as we were going for seasonal produce, we didn’t have to worry about the menu until a week before.  Willow Vale Mill was perfect for our vintage wedding.

With the venue organised, next on the list were dresses for me and my gorgeous bridesmaids.  I didn’t actually buy a vintage wedding dress but found a beautiful lace one that went perfectly with the vintage theme.  I was lucky that I found the perfect one fairly quickly in a bride shop up the road to my house.  I then had to find three bridesmaids dresses for my sister and two teenage stepdaughters.  I didn’t want them to wear matching dresses as I wanted different styles and colours.  I wanted apricot and cream David Austen roses for the décor so ended up buying my sister a gorgeous long dress in apricot which matched perfectly.  I then had a longer search on my hands to buy my stepdaughters a dress in a green colour to match the vintage paper I had used when making my handmade invitations.  We ended up buying two lovely short green dresses that were a close match.  They looked gorgeous next to my sisters apricot dress and although they were a different colour, style and length, they were similar with straps crossing at the back.  With the important dress search over, I was ready to move onto the décor.

I love any opportunity to get creative and any opportunity to add to my vintage collection, so I found this part of the planning process the most fun!  I knew I wanted a lolly buffet and a lemonade station so it was just a matter of sourcing the right things to set this up.   I spent several weeks collecting jam jars for the lemonade station and they looked adorable teamed with vintage stripy straws.  I already had a gorgeous old set of vintage weighing scales which I knew would look fabulous with the lolly buffet so I just needed the apothecary jars and scoops to complete the look.   I also made my own bunting which looked cute hanging above the lolly buffet.

I did a lot of research looking at websites such as Style Me Pretty and Green Wedding Shoes for inspiration for the rest of my décor.  I wanted a typewriter and scrabble letters on our guest book table and I also decided on a vintage photo booth for memorable photos.  I used moustaches, lips, glasses and bow ties made from card on long rods for the photo props and found a gorgeous old vintage photo frame which looked great set up with a mirror and stand and other photo props. We also had a vintage suitcase set up for cards ad presents.  In order to entertain the guests whilst my husband and I had photographs, we set up a game of Boules which seemed to be popular! Hanging above the lemonade station were mixed vintage frames hanging from ribbons next to a chandelier wrapped in flowers hanging from an olive tree.  I finished the look with hundreds of fairy lights which wrapped around the trees out the front, the downstairs of the mill and the second floor of the mill where we were having our evening wedding meal.  Unfortunately the temperature gets a little cold in March so we had to eat inside, but we took advantage of the huge roaring log fire upstairs and went for a candlelight dinner which created a gorgeous atmosphere.

For the evening meal itself I wanted an eclectic feel with the table setting so I used a mixture of assorted vintage china plates in different patterns and colours (some hired as I didn’t have enough time to build up my own collection before the wedding!).  I teamed them with mixed silver plated cutlery and crystal wine glasses.  To finish the table setting I put long white candles in a mixture of glass, crystal and silver candle holders.

The table centrepieces were very important to me as I really wanted something vintage that looked simple yet stunning.  I decided on a vintage teacup and saucer for each table with David Austen roses and Baby’s Breath inside each one.  I then draped a string of faux pearls across each teacup which gave them a touch of vintage glamour! To raise the teacups off the table I sat each one on a little lace doily on a stack of vintage books and named each table after a type of tea.  Using the typewriter I painstakingly typed out each table name and every guests name on a coffee stained tag and then tied the table name tag to the teacup with hessian string and the guests name tag was tied around the white napkin.  The effort of vintage crockery, cutlery, glasses, candles and teacups looked absolutely stunning.  I also displayed David Austen roses as well as Lilac’s in an assortment of crystal vases and silver teapots around the mill.  For the seating chart I used an old glass door off a vintage dresser.

Music also played an important part on the day for us and we were recommended to book a trio of classical musicians for the ceremony and a live jazz band called Ella’s Holidayfor the evening entertainment.  Both turned out to be wonderful!

I was delighted with our vintage wedding and couldn’t stop smiling all day!  It felt like a memorable day that was truly “us” and we were overjoyed to have our families and close friends there to share it with us.  Our wonderful and talented photographer Sally Goodall captured our wedding exactly as it was.  You can see plenty of pictures in Teacups and Roses photo gallery on our website.  After months of rain we were also blessed with the weather with perfect blue sky and sunshine.  I would not have changed a thing about our special day.

Venue:                            WillowVale Mill, Laggan NSW

Flowers:                         Country Bunches, Crookwell

Photographer:             Sally Goodall Photography

Styling and props:      Teacups and Roses



Decorating your vintage venue

A vintage wedding oozes country charm with a touch of casual elegance.  It also gives you huge scope to let your imagination run wild when it comes to the decor!  Here are just a few hints and tips to get you started.

  1. Decorate the venue with pretty floral bunting.  It is simple yet effective and really adds nostalgic charm.
  2. Lighting is really important for your vintage wedding.  Decorate your chosen venue with fairy lights to create soft lighting during the evening.  If you are having an evening meal, you could also use candles in a variety of crystal or silver candle holders on each table.
  3. Live music is a must for a vintage wedding.  Hire a string quartet or a jazz band depending on your music tastes.
  4. Personal touches such as assorted vintage photo frames hanging on ribbons from trees look great.  Use pretty floral paper in each frame or old black and white photos of your family member’s previous weddings.
  5. For an eclectic feel, set the table with a mixture of assorted china dinner plates, crystal glasses and silver plated cutlery.
  6. Hire an assortment of old wooden chairs for your guests to sit on.  They look fantastic!
  7. Use an old dresser and set it up with a dessert or lolly buffet. 
  8. For memorable photos, try using vintage photo props with accessories such as faux pearls, furs and hats. 
  9. For refreshments set up a lemonade station.  Use a drinks dispenser or a large jug and serve homemade lemonade in jam jars or milk bottles with stripy straws.
  10. Ask Grandma!  Check what Grandma has in the back of her cupboards such as china teacups for table centrepieces and teapots and crystal vases for flower arrangements.

Choosing your vintage venue

When planning a vintage wedding or event it is very important to choose a venue that fits with your vintage theme.  You will also need to find a venue that gives you the flexibility to use your own vintage furniture and accessories that will allow you to put your personal stamp on your special day, or you can even add great decoration to your saloon and walls, with concrete wall murals to decorate for this special event. 

  1. A backyard vintage wedding will really let you get creative and do everything yourself exactly as you want it.  You could use a local park, beach or even your Aunties backyard!  It’s great for the budget too.
  2. Hire a large house that caters for weddings.  The advantage of this is your guests can stay there together and there are no limitations on how you choose to decorate your venue.
  3. The Historic Houses trust has some historic and unique venues that would be a great choice for a vintage wedding.  They give you options for a romantic garden ceremony or a ceremony with stunning harbour views.
  4. There are many gorgeous, historical B&B’s in rural locations within a couple of hour’s drive of Sydneywho host weddings.  Surrounded by bush you will definitely get a touch of rustic, country charm at your vintage wedding.
  5. The ultimate vintage venue it could be said is to get married on a farm. They usually have a barn in the grounds which could be the perfect place for your vintage wedding.  The farm and its grounds make a fantastic back drop for wedding photographs.

Whatever choice you make, half the fun of planning your perfect vintage wedding is choosing the venue.  Once you have that organised, you can start planning your décor and accessories.