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A Great Gatsby Inspired Vintage Event

The roaring 20’s was a wonderful era of glamour and indulgence.  People enjoyed living a fast paced life that involved opulence and wealth whilst dancing the night away to the Charleston and sexy tones of jazz.  Wealthy philanderers, fancy nobles, flappers and gangsters mixed together in this social whirlwind, making it a decade to remember.

With Baz Luhrmann’s remake of Scott Fitzgerald’s Great Gatsby out now, why not consider a vintage Hollywood glamour theme for your wedding or event to reflect on this wonderful era!

Vintage glamour can fit with any type of event such as a Great Gatsby themed kitchen tea or baby shower for the girls, a summer soirée engagement or birthday party, a special dinner party or a fabulous vintage glamour wedding.
Here are some of my hints and tips to help you get started.

1. What to wear – For the ladies you can try feather head bands and an elegant dress with lace or beading. For the men, a suit with a fedora hat, a handkerchief in lapel, brogues or braces – all current fashion items!

2.  What to serve – Elegant canapés served on vintage silver trays and vintage china cake stands.  Accompany with champagne and martinis served in vintage coupes.

3.  Set up a vintage lounge area– Set up vintage velvet and button tufted floral sofa’s indoors or outdoors depending on the weather.  Team them with an old steamer trunk or vintage side table with an ornate table lamp or floor lamp.

4.  Entertainment – A live jazz band would be the icing on the cake however playing jazz music on a CD or IPod (preferably on a record player for the authentic crackle!) would certainly set the mood. Visit https://www.weddingmusicbands.com/ if you want to transform a reception into an unforgettable event.

5.  Games and activities – Charades, lawn boles and croquet are perfect for this type of theme.  For some added fun why not hire our vintage dressing up props which include a variety of hats, furs, beads and feather boa’s.  Set them up with our DIY vintage photo booth in the lounge area to take some memorable photos on the day.

6.  Activities for the girls – For a kitchen tea or baby shower you can set up and arts and crafts table where each guest can make their very own vintage inspired headband.  Supplies such as beads, feathers and lace can all be bought at Lincraft.

Have fun planning your Great Gatsby themed events and please talk to us to arrange a consultation to discuss more inspiration and ideas!  All of these accessories and props can be hired from us for your special event.


Sarah x

Vintage props style guide – Welcome Table

A welcome table is the first thing the guests will see upon their arrival so whatever you decide on, it will set the scene.  You may want to display ceremony programmes so use the set up for this purpose, or you may just want to prop a welcome sign or blackboard next to the table to introduce your wedding or birthday event.  I also love a dresser set up with old black and white family photographs of the bride and groom.  I think this is a great welcome display for a wedding.  Another option is to have a drinks stand to welcome guests.  A fabulous vintage dresser set with coupes or crystal wine glasses and drinks served in dispensers or vintage jugs looks gorgeous and is a very warm welcome for your guests.

Whatever option you go with, here are just a couple ideas below.  There are countlesss possibilities…take a look at our lovely vintage furniture pieces under “dressers and tables”and also our “Welcome/entrance table” ideas on Pinterest!


Decorating your vintage venue

A vintage wedding oozes country charm with a touch of casual elegance.  It also gives you huge scope to let your imagination run wild when it comes to the decor!  Here are just a few hints and tips to get you started.

  1. Decorate the venue with pretty floral bunting.  It is simple yet effective and really adds nostalgic charm.
  2. Lighting is really important for your vintage wedding.  Decorate your chosen venue with fairy lights to create soft lighting during the evening.  If you are having an evening meal, you could also use candles in a variety of crystal or silver candle holders on each table.
  3. Live music is a must for a vintage wedding.  Hire a string quartet or a jazz band depending on your music tastes.
  4. Personal touches such as assorted vintage photo frames hanging on ribbons from trees look great.  Use pretty floral paper in each frame or old black and white photos of your family member’s previous weddings.
  5. For an eclectic feel, set the table with a mixture of assorted china dinner plates, crystal glasses and silver plated cutlery.
  6. Hire an assortment of old wooden chairs for your guests to sit on.  They look fantastic!
  7. Use an old dresser and set it up with a dessert or lolly buffet. 
  8. For memorable photos, try using vintage photo props with accessories such as faux pearls, furs and hats. 
  9. For refreshments set up a lemonade station.  Use a drinks dispenser or a large jug and serve homemade lemonade in jam jars or milk bottles with stripy straws.
  10. Ask Grandma!  Check what Grandma has in the back of her cupboards such as china teacups for table centrepieces and teapots and crystal vases for flower arrangements.